Ethiopia - Gold

Design and management of the client's maiden exploration and drilling programme.

Management and development of a team of six Ethiopian geologists and support staff.

Regional & prospect-scale geological mapping

Contract negotiations with drilling and heavy equipment contractors.

Greece - Cu-Au & Base Metals

Field and desk-top assessment of client's chromite deposits and the exploration potential of their licences for the discovery of additional chromite resources and PGE mineralisation.

Saudi Arabia - Gold & Base Metals

Design, budgeting and execution of the clients exploration programme, target generation, assessment and priotisation, training and mentoring of Saudi geologists, mapping, sampling

Northern Territory - Australia - Gold


Management of resource infill drilling programme at Mt. Todd, design and implementation of the QA/QC programme, assessment and priotisation of exploration targets, responsible for the OH&S policy (Photo. ABC News Steven Schubert)

Kyrgyzstan - Gold

Assessment and priotisation of gold explortaion projects, supervision of exploration teams, production of sampling protocols for QA/QC